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My faith story


Many turn to God because of great problems. I had no such. Outwardly, everything was even better than other had. Gold Medal in high school, honours degree in university, good job. I didn't drink alcohol, didn't smoke cigarettes, didn't ..., didn't ..., didn't ... However, a human does not need you convince him of the fact that he is a sinner. He knows about it perfectly himself. Out conscience is God's voice that gives us no rest. Someone douses it with alcohol, another one do it with feigned indifference. However, you cannot run away from yourself. Sooner or later, everyone asks himself: 'What is my life's meaning?' To find the answer to this question, the life given to a person and then, as apostle Paul said, we will be up before Judgement Seat and it will be of no use to justify ourselves and too late to make decisions.

I am thankful to my God that He gave me a chance to hear His Word and to believe in the truth of it. It happened in June 1997 at Victory Church. I had came there 'just to look'. And what I'd seen? The Life! Just the life in all its fullness, as it ought to be. I'd understood that this place is the one where a person needs to be - the place of relations with God. He has created us exactly for this purpose (no matter how strenuously we trying to convince ourselves in the reverse). In that day, 29 June 1997, I had understood that Jesus is really the Way, the Truth and the Life. I had took a step forwards, admit myself a sinner who needs God's forgiveness, and He has forgave and received...


Since then, a lot of years have passed by. Now, looking back, I can say that every step, even the difficult one, was saved by God's hand. I cannot attribute to myself and my accomplishments nothing of what I have in my life - neither education nor books, musical talent, material well-being, wonderful family. Life with God is a life, indeed, because nobody cannot separate me now from the love of God given through Jesus Christ.

May all the glory be to Him!

My ministry

As a minister of christian Church, I serve people and God with the gifts I have received from Him both within my local community and outside of it.

Areas of my service are:

  • singer, musician, composer in the area of worship music;
  • preaching of Word of God during church services;
  • preaching of saving Gospel of Jesus Christ to unbeliever (including the means of songs);
  • christian doctrines teaching;
  • conducting of seminars about worship and praise, organization of worship team in church;
  • help to young churches in building of musical ministry;
  • Web-sites development for churches and ministries;
  • translating from English to Russian and Ukrainian spiritual titltes, and also interpretation of foreign preachers.

You may familiarize yourself with my musical ministry at the Music section. Some pictures that capture moments of my practical service are in the Gallery section, and videos are at my YouTube channel.